Sep 082007

Height: 6’3″
Weight: 210 lbs
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Light Brown

Model Universe Champion Nick Auger, born in 1982, is a fitness/fashion model.

Nick was the cover model of Fitness Rx for Men (Nov 2004 isssue). In the magazine, he also introduces his ab training routine, a body part which he claims he never had until 2 years ago.

This computer science college student had never modeled or competed before MU and won the competition with a near perfect score.

Since then, he has appeared in numerous magazines and Websites.

Nick Auger is training his biceps:

he trains his abs

Nick AugerNick Auger
Nick AugerNick Auger
Nick Auger
Nick AugerNick Auger
Nick AugerNick Auger
Nick AugerNick Auger

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  1. Nick Auger is too hot to handle.
    I would really hope to see him in Finland 😉
    (as near to me as possible)

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