Feb 262008

Billy Marquart is the newest actor to hit the scenes of Hollywood. With a naturally athletic physique and a gorgeous face, it’s no wonder why this talented young star has been seen all over town.
Billy Marquart
Growing up, Billy had bigger dreams than what was available to him in the small town of Quincy, Illinois where he was born and raised. A natural athlete, he excelled in Track, Football, and Boxing. Growing up and participating in these sports helped build his fit physique. Knowing he had a great figure and a unique look, he took his first chance in modeling by entering into Quincy High School’s Mr. Quincy Pageant taking home the title of “Mr. Quincy” in 2005.
Billy Marquart
With the win under his belt, Billy dared to dream bigger. He moved to Los Angeles immediately following high school to attend Santa Monica College. There he excelled in Track and Football, however; sports soon began to interfere with modeling and acting auditions. In 2006, Billy made the courageous decision to drop out of college and pursue acting and modeling full time.
Billy Marquart
Now, he is making his dreams come true, after signing with the Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency in 2004. For the past three seasons, Billy has appeared on the hit TV show “The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency” on Oxygen Network. He has also signed with Major Models (NYC). His most recent projects include the Spring 2008 Abercrombie & Fitch print campaign, as well as a National Chevrolet commercial that is currently airing. With multiple editorial spreads under his belt for Arena, Details, Engine, Macy’s and Sak’s Fifth Avenue catalogues; Billy has only just begun his modeling career and is working hard towards landing a role in a feature film.
Billy Marquart
Billy Marquart Billy Marquart
Billy Marquart

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